River Access Opened: SUCCESS!

arroyo gates

Today, to my delight, I found that gates were added at the top of the three stairways to nowhere. This effectively cuts the distance between river entrances in half. I want to thank everyone involved in the Dry River project for increasing access to the Arroyo Seco riverway.

I couldn’t have done this without the help of the wonderful Northeast LA community, City of Los Angeles, KCET, SCPR, Los Angeles Walks, Arroyo Seco Foundation, and the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop.

Access to the river can still be improved. The remainder of the fence still overly restricts access to our neighborhoods best bikeway and largest park space. These conversations will continue so that we may further improve the place we live for ourselves and our children.

For now, pat yourselves on the back, because we stood up as a community and got something done.


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