In the News: Dry River Making a Splash

Thank you KCET and SCPR for engaging in the conversation and helping our community remove these unhelpful barriers between greenspace, bike paths, and the river.


Reimagining the Arroyo Seco as an Alternative Transportation Corridor

“The Arroyo Seco has this great bikeway on it. It’s the best piece of bike infrastructure in Northeast Los Angeles and it can really connect us to the city if we let it,” says Moreau. “The funny thing about it is that chain link fences run all along the path; when you also realize that it’s the same path that is also lined with parks, you begin to see how strange that is.”

First Person: Jack Moreau wants a more connected Arroyo Seco

“At the top of these stair sets are chain-link fences with no gates, no possibility for access.” So “people from the community have been cutting holes in the fences,” he said, adding, “it’s just very obvious that we could put in more access points, it’s very obvious that people want it.”